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Mar 24, 2011 5:00pm EDT
a third party. >>> an extensive search tonight for a man outside a baltimore health club. seth burgess and another man apparently approached the victim on town center drive. the victim said the men hit him in the head with a gun before he was able to run away. they then fired at him while he ran. if you have any information about this attack, call 410-307- 2020. >>> cloudy skies are slowly leaving maryland for now. a live look outside now. some sunshine trying to peek through out there. and it's still chilly. wjz has live first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist tim williams are updating your first warning forecast. >> chilly, it is. temperatures are running 10, 12, 15 degrees below average this time of year. we normally would see temps in the mid-50s night rite now. only in the low 40s. take a look at these temperatures in the east. from here on east. we're alt 42. buffalo, only 28 right now in the middle of the afternoon. 20 degrees up in mount washington. boston, also only at 38 degrees. now, the cold weather will continue tomorrow as our flow will continue
Mar 23, 2011 11:00pm PDT
players. seth curry and up drive and nolen smith have developed an ego on this particular team and that changes with him back. it change your minutes, may change your role a little bit. but i think the truth is, there's no risks to irving from a health standpoint. he's fine to play but there is risk to the team's chemistry. but i don't think they do win a national championship weight irving. i think they could get to a final four but without him i don't think they're as strong as kansas or ohio state. >> charlie: that would be a great game. >> ohio is better but kentucky has great talent and going into the game -- kentucky is not there very often. they have played outstanding basketball over the last month. they hit 61% against george mason. george mason, they're not a bad team, they're a good team. and the truth is owe hypo state made them look like a bad team. they were magnificent. ohio state's got everything you want in a basketball team. they've got balance and a big guy and a guard as a freshman is good as an on ball defender as you're going to find in the country. they've go
Mar 23, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. you can't imagine what's going on out there. after the fourth trip by seth lives, you are really not helping me at all by saying that. and so, yeah, it was surprising, but i guess i shouldn't have been surprised on the other hand. >> judge walker, how much of a distraction is it for you to be involved in logistics of this? or do you get the logistics to someone else and you try to say apart from that? how do you handle that? is it different now digitally than it was a few years ago? >> taking the first question, what i have found the most helpful was trying to delegate as much as possible to other people in the court administration. unfortunately, i'm blessed with some extremely able individuals who are able to do much of the work in new interface with the media. and did all of the things i think that we've described today. so i did not have any unusual degree of administrative burden when conduct in the proposition 8 case or an another high-profile case that preceded it, although obviously in a quite different schedule and that is the cases above above international security aviatio
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)